Black Bear Hunting

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Our Black Bear Spring Hunt opens May 15 and goes until June 15 and the Fall Hunt is the first 2 weeks in September.   You hunt on your arrival day and Sundays are allowed. The form to bring your gun into Canada and the Export Licence to take your Bear Hide and Meat across the border is extra and not included in the Package Prices. You can also fish during the day.  Hunts are 7 days or if you get your bear before, whichever comes first. You are only allowed one bear per year. Your accommodation and meals are for 7 days. We have 14-ft. boats with 8 HP motors or canoes which are available for the hunter to use. Gas, Fishing licence and taxes are extra. You are now required to have a motorized boaters licence, which you can obtain on-line – click here. Gas and taxes is extra.

Package 1 – Complete Black Bear Hunt:
Your black bear hunt staying in the lodge, 3 meals a day, maid service, Non-Resident Black Bear Hunt License, freezing your bear meat & hide, taxes: $1850 USD per hunter for 7 days or, if you get your bear before, your hunt is finished but your accommodation and meals are for the 7 days..

Package 2 – Housekeeping Unit and Black Bear Hunt:
Your black bear hunt accommodation in the housekeeping unit, which has a furnished kitchen, sitting room, 2 or 3 bedrooms, 4 piece bath, all furnished with microwave, no TV, deck, barbeque, Non Resident Bear License, freezing your bear meat & hide, taxes $1650 USD per hunter for 7 days (you bring your own food).

Package 3 – Camping and Black Bear Hunt:
Your black bear hunt, Non-Resident Black Bear Hunting Licence, freezing of your meat and hide, taxes: $1450 USD per hunter for your 7 day hunt PLUS $200 for the camp-site (this is extra besides the bear hunt). Washrooms, showers, laundromat on premises.

For Packages 2 and 3, meals in the lodge are $300 per hunter for 7 days.
Non-Resident Black Bear Hunting Licence and Taxes are included in the Packages.
An export licence is required to take your bear into the USA. And this is an extra fee.

Your present Hunting License where you hunt or the new Ontario Outdoor Non Resident Card is required to obtain an Ontario Hunting Licence. We sell Hunting and Fishing licences here.

What To Bring

  • You must wear blazing orange vest and cap to and from the bear stands.
  • Your gun, bow and arrows or black powder must be in cases with triggerlocks on them when transporting.
  • Warm  jacket and rain clothing
  • Bow hunters – please bring your tree-stand
  • Flashlight, compass, skinning knife, fishing equipment
  • Must declare fire arms at Canadian Customs.
  • Do not transport firearms and ammunition in same container, must have trigger locks on them

We have a variety store for supplies that you may have forgotten.  All guns, bows & arrows, and black powder firearm registration numbers must be registered at US Customs to prove you purchased them in the USA.  Take the registration numbers into the Customs office.  HAND GUNS AND PISTOLS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN ONTARIO.

(Not included in package prices)

Canada requires a license for bringing firearms into the country.  This is not complicated at all… It requires your name and address, registration numbers of your fire-arms, and 2 pieces of identification (e.g. drivers licence – one with picture ID) Cost is $25 CDN. You can find the form by clicking here: Three copies must be signed in front of the Canadian Customes Officer.

A Deposit of $150.00 per hunter is required by cheque, Visa or Mastercard. Balance due to be paid upon arrival by Cash, Visa, Mastercard or Interac

Cancellation of 60 days prior to arrival, 95% refund of deposit.